Alfie's Team

1W dances below 3W | casts up to 2pl ; 1W crosses to 1M who sets turning to face out | 1c in tandem (1M leading) cast to face 3W while{2} 2M dances up to face out
1c dance ½ tandem diag Reel3 with 1st cnrs ; 1c continue ½ diag Reel3 changing lead to M:213 & 1W takes NH below 3M
3M+1W dance diagonally up to 3M before 2W, 1W in 2pl | 3M+2W & 1W+3W turn ¾ RH ; 1W dances up crossing 3M LH under arch made by 2M+1M while{2} 2W+3W set | 3M casts to 3pl while{2} 1W loops to take NH above 2M while{2} 2W+3W cross RH on sides
Repeat 17-24 inverted: 1W+2M dance diagonally down to 1W in 2pl, 2M before 2W | 1W+3W & 2M+2W turn ¾ LH ; 1W dances down crossing 2M RH under arch made by 1M+3M while{2} 3W+2W set | 2M casts up to 1pl while{2} 1W casts up to 2pl while{2} 2W+3W cross LH on sides (2,1,3)
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