Ashley and Her Husbands

1c lead down below 3c, cross & cast up to 2plx ; 1c cross RH | cast R to 1M/1W between 2c/3c
1c turn ¾ LH | turn 1cnr ¾ RH to lines across facing 4cnr with 1W+2M in promhold (1W on L) ; 1c loop LSh round 4cnrs to same pl while{4} 4cnrs pass 1c LSh into centre | turn LH to pl
Repeat 9-16 inverted with 2cnrs: 1c turn ¾ RH | turn 2cnr ¾ LH to lines across facing 3cnr with 3M+1W in promhold (1W on R) ; 1c loop RSh round 3cnrs to same pl while{4} 3cnrs pass 1c RSh into centre | turn RH to pl
All ½ chase clw ; 1c turn RH 1¼ while{4} cnrs continue chase to (2,1,3)
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