Quarries' Procession

1c+4c cross RH | cast inwards, M 2 places passing Rsh ; 1c+4c set | ½ LHA to St Andrew's cross
BiL | ½ RH turn and move on 1/8 place to St George's cross ; BiL | 1c+2W/3M ½ RH turn into prom hold, 1c on L facing 3rd cnr pos while{2} 4c+2M/3W ½ RH turn to lines across
½ Rsh reel3 across to 1c+2W/3M facing 4th cnr pos ; 1c LHA changing prom partner to 3W/2M, 1c still on L facing 1st cnr pos
½ Rsh reel3 across to 1c+3W/2M facing 2nd cnr pos ; 1c LHA end in centre RH across with P and 4c RH up/down with P
1c+4c ½ RHA | 1c RH turn moving up while{4} 4c spiral around them to (3,1,4,2) | all set
Full instructions are at https://my.strathspey.org/u/murrough/QuarriesProcession.pdf