UnivSCD Challenge

Needs testing.

This may be danced as strathspey or reel or a medley of both (either 4x32S+4x32R or just 2x32S+2x32R).

2M & 3W ½ Fig8 to L out the ends & R round 2cnrs ; cross through original pl | cast L round 4cnrs to centre
2M+3W ½ turn RH | 2M+1W+2W & 3W+3M+4M 1½ RHA, 2W+1W & 4M+3M end in promhold facing 2M/3W
All ½ RSh Reels3, 2W+1W (3M+4M) end curving L to face 3W (2M) ; 2W+1W+3W & 4M+3M+2M LHA while{4} 1M & 4W dance ½ way clw, ending with 3M,3W,2M,2W down the centre & 1M,4M,1W,4W in line across ready for
All ½ intersecting Reels4 with quick ½ LHA in centre ; all turn facing person ¾ RH | 2c & 3c pass P RSh while{2} 1c+4c chase ½ way in centre to own sides (2,4,1,3).
Longer instructions are at https://my.strathspey.org/u/murrough/UnivScdChallenge.pdf