A Selection of Untested Dances

Although these dances have been checked on paper, they have (mostly) not been danced in practice so may easily have serious flaws (apart from generally being busy, energetic and/or complicated). Some dances whose problems became clear when first tested have been reworked and await retesting.

Try at your own risk! (The links here are really only intended for potential volunteer testers).

  • Binary Stars (J32, 4/4L) [crib, pdf] – yet another outing for mirror set and link
  • The Birling Dervishes (R32, 3/4L) [crib, pdf] – busy dance with opportunities for birling right and left (tested, revised, needs retest)
  • Cosi Fan Tutte (J32, 3/4L) [crib, pdf] – 1st woman dances with all the men
  • David Junior (R40, 3/3L) [crib, pdf] – a version of DAVID for a 3 couple set
  • David Senior (R40, 7/7L) [crib, pdf] – another version of DAVID for a 7 couple set
  • The Glorious MUD (S32, 3/3L) [crib, pdf] – celebrating the 10th anniversary of The More Unusual Dance Club
  • The Great Permian Mass Extinction (R40, 5/5L) [crib, pdf] – for Martin: a slightly crazy attempt to depict evolution's most severe catastrophe in a Scottish country dance
  • Interference Patterns (J32, 4/4L) [crib, pdf] – two set and rotate figures interfering with each other
  • The Killiecrankie Leap (R32, 3/4L) [crib, pdf] – (tried, failed, reworked a bit, needs retest) a jump from the Jacobite rebellion
  • Promino Nine (J32, 9P) [crib, pdf] – a non-binary nonet: gender free square set with a ninth person, somewhat similar to Domino Five
  • Rotational Symmetry (R32, 4/4L) [crib, pdf] – a reel with everyone dancing all the time (Relentless Misery?)
  • Tomboy Reel (R40, 4/4L) [crib, pdf] – (tried, failed, revised, needs retest) an energetic dance for all those girls who wanted to do boy things
  • UnivSCD Challenge (M32, 4/4L) [crib, pdf] – loosely inspired by the University Challenge quiz show
  • Up To Mischief (J32, 3/4L) [crib, pdf] – featuring Teapot Chain Progression (tested briefly, description corrected, needs retest)
  • The World Wide Web (J32, 5/5L) [crib, pdf] – a complex tangle of set and (hyper)link figures in homage to the wonder of the modern world
  • Xylem and Phloem (S32, 3T) [crib, pdf] – with a triangular figure inspired by the Rose progression (tested OK but the figure takes some learning: retry)