Dance Jeannie o' the Witchin' E'e 3225

Jig · 40 bars · 2 couples · Longwise - 4

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40 82 80 88 80 = 57% (1 turn), 40% (whole dance)
  • Figure of Eight (FIG8;1C;)
  • Reel of four - across (REEL;ACROSS;R4;)
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Jeannie o' the Witchin' E'e 2/4L · J40

1W advance to P | set ; dance Lsh round 2M to finish in the middle facing 1M+2M
1M+1W+2M holding H set twice ; 1c turn RH, 1W passing under 1M's R arm into Allemande-hold facing W side (2c up)
1c Fig8 round 2c, start Rsh to 2W, at end 1W passes under 1M's R arm to finish BtoB between 2c, 1W facing 2M and 1M facing 2W
1c+2c Reel4 across, at end 1c pass Rsh and face P (in the starting places of the reel)
1c set twice, turn BH 1½ to 2pl

(Note ETF: The official original text tells 1W to dance round 2M on bars 5-6, and set to 2M on bars 7-8. This is not danceable. This crib follows the dance as originally taught, without that extra setting.

Jeannie o' the Witchin' E'e 2/4L · J40

1L advances & sets to partner, casts LSh round 2M & sets to 2M
1L in triangle formation with 1M+2M sets twice, 1s turn into Allemande hold facing out on Ladies side
1s in Allemande hold dance out round 2L, up & round 2M to form line across for reel of 4
1s+2s dance reel of 4 across
1s set twice & turn RH 1.1/2 times to 2nd places

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Added on: Dec. 17, 2012, 3:18 p.m.
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