10/6 In This Style

2nd couple start on opposite sides (1,2x,3).

Reels3 across, 1M & 3W cast to start, 2c start RSh to 2cnrs & end passing LSh to centre line
1c+2M & 2W+3c RHA, 2c pass RSh ; 1c+2W & 2M+3c LHA, end in original places (1,2x,3)
2c cross RH with 1cnrs | 3W & 1M (in 2pl) cross LH with 2cnrs ; 2c (in 1cnrpos) cross RH | 3W+1M (in 2cnrpos) cross LH
3M+1W (in 2plx) cross RH: all have now moved 1 place clw & are opposite new P | chase clw (or circle6) back to same places (M side: 2W,3M,3W; W side: 1M,1W,2M).
Longer instructions are at https://my.strathspey.org/u/murrough/InThisStyle.pdf