SCDDB Collections Q&A

I wrote this in January 2013 to introduce the idea of collections on the SCDDB »dancedata-friends« mailing list. Since I've been working on collections recently, it seems like a good idea to give the article a more prominent place.

Q. What are »collections« and what are they good for?

A. The idea is that you tell the database what stuff you have, and the database then lets you restrict its operation to deal only with that stuff.

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20 January 2013: 9th Central Germany Branch/FSCDC »Tea Dance«

Fully booked! One week before the actual event we proudly proclaimed that all the 50 places for the tea dance were taken and that we would have to open a waiting list. We were looking forward to the largest turnout for a tea dance ever, until … the seasonal flu epidemic and the winter weather with snow, freezing rain and icy roads tried to foil our plans and some very lamentable cancellations came in on the Saturday and Sunday … Anett, Christin, Clemens, Ingrid, Liane, Markus, Nicole, Peter, Vera, Verena, Veronika und Vivian – we missed you badly!

In spite of these very adverse circumstances nearly 40 dancers were not to be deterred and once more congregated on the Sunday afternoon in the Great Hall of the »Haus der Jugend«. Under the proven leadership of Anselm Lingnau and the motto of »The 90th Birthday – Let's Celebrate the Society« we commemorated various people, institutions, and events around the RSCDS with a diverse selection of mostly lesser-known dances.

We danced Festival Interceltique to warm up, then The Jubilee Jig, The Hills of Alba, Ysobel, Rory o' More, The Summer Assembly, and Fortnight At Saint Andrews, before breaking for tea, coffee, and cake. After this there were Miss Hadden's Reel, Coates Crescent, The Earl of Mansfield, Muse Cottage, and, to finish, Society Piper. (A more detailed list of dances with cribs and – partly – diagrams is available here.)

Many thanks to everyone who, in spite of the terrible weather, dared come to Frankfurt to dance with us and enjoy the coffee break, which was supported by our wonderful bakers Anselm, Birgit, Eva B., Gabi, and Jacqueline. A big thank-you to you, too, and to David and Marie for the organisation and Dagmar and Matthias R., who served as »guides« to our traditional after-session at the »Eichkatzerl« apple-cider pub.

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