About my.strathspey

This is a community site for friends of Scottish country dancing. Its mission is to give Scottish dancers and dance groups a simple and inexpensive way to publish events, news, stories, dances, tunes, and other material of interest to other Scottish dancers or groups. Participation in my.strathspey is open to everyone and free of charge — subject to some simple rules.

The software behind my.strathspey is still by no means complete and is actively developed further. Right now we support the following features:

»Social networking«
User profiles, friendship, status updates, and so on. It may not quite be Facebook, but at least it's free from advertising and the NSA isn't listening in (as far as we can tell, anyway). Also we're not in the business of giving your data away. It's up to you to decide what you want to share and with whom.
Personal web sites
Any user can have their own web site, to share stories, photos, dances, tunes – anything that is too long or perennial to fit into a status update. (Material from personal web sites can still be »syndicated« so other users of the site can find out about it.) This is completely free, and available at the touch of a button.
Dance group web sites
Dance clubs, classes, … can host their web sites on my.strathspey – again for free. A great way to get published and organised, to let people know about events and generally what is going on in your group. Setting this up is not yet automated; get in touch if you're interested. Again, this is completely free.
Event management
Dance groups can add events – both one-offs like workshops, day schools, or balls, and regular classes – to the my.strathspey event database. This means that other site users (or indeed anyone on the Web) can easily find out about them. It is even possible to handle event registration (signing up to attend) via the site, from an online registration form down to printing lists of attendees for the day.
Dance group database
Lists SCD groups by country and on an interactive map, with contact information for each group (subject to availability) on separate pages. Powered by the RSCDS branch/affiliated group finder. Will eventually support non-affiliated groups as well.
SCD dance/publication/recordings/albums/tunes database
This is probably the best-known aspect of the site, so it's just as well to mention that it is still there! The database is tightly integrated with the rest of the site, which makes it possible to refer to dances, albums etc. in status updates or postings, to generate dance lists in the database and add them to events as programmes or class »logs«, and so on.

And we're not going to stop here, either. If you have suggestions for future features we're eager to hear about them. In the meantime, sign up, tell your friends, and have fun!

Some sites hosted on the my.strathspey system include:

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