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my.strathspey Terms of Use

Version 1.0.1 – Posted on 30 April 2023


  1. These Terms of Use apply to the owners and operators of the “my.strathspey” web site (hereafter called “THE MANAGEMENT”) and registered subscribers to the site (hereafter called “YOU”). The site is open to the public and part of it may be perused by people who are not necessarily registered subscribers (hereafter these people will be called “users”).

  2. “my.strathspey” is a resource for use by the global Scottish country dance (SCD) community. Anyone with Web access may subscribe to “my.strathspey” by registering for an account, and any registered subscriber may discontinue their subscription at any point in time.

  3. YOU agree to confine your use of the resource to purposes connected with SCD, including but not limited to the publication of news items announcing events, new dances, dance books and recordings; of new dance descriptions and dance tunes; of stories recounting experiences with SCD; of vision papers suggesting ideas for the future development of SCD; of material facilitating the teaching or learning of SCD. (If you are unsure, ask THE MANAGEMENT; in general, keep in mind the Golden Rule and consider that material on “my.strathspey” is, potentially, visible to all your friends, relations, spouses, co-workers, bosses, and SCD teachers past, present, and future. “my.strathspey” does not have a long memory but the Wayback Machine has.)

  4. YOU may advertise commercial products and services if they are connected to SCD and if the advertisements are brief, topical, and non-obnoxious. (When in doubt, ask THE MANAGEMENT.)

  5. THE MANAGEMENT reserves the right to remove any material that is deemed inappropriate for publication on “my.strathspey” (according to THE MANAGEMENT), and to terminate the subscriptions of registered subscribers who repeatedly and wilfully disregard the Terms of Use detailed in this document. Use of “my.strathspey” is a privilege, not a right.

  6. THE MANAGEMENT reserves the right to adjust the Terms of Use detailed in this document. In the event of a Terms of Use change, at least 14 days notice shall be given to registered subscribers before the change becomes effective.

Site Operation

  1. THE MANAGEMENT shall make an effort to keep “my.strathspey” available. However, THE MANAGEMENT is under no obligation to do so when faced with circumstances that would make continued operation of “my.strathspey” exceedingly time-consuming or expensive. In the event of surmountable technical difficulties, THE MANAGEMENT aims for a timely resolution but again no guarantees shall be given.

  2. Space on “my.strathspey” is ample but limited. YOU may publish material while there is space, as long as you do not inconvenience other registered subscribers or endanger the proper operation of the computer(s) that “my.strathspey” runs on. THE MANAGEMENT reserves the right to institute space-limiting measures such as quotas if the need arises, and to ask registered subscribers to curtail their use of file space.

  3. THE MANAGEMENT shall perform regular back-up copies of the material on “my.strathspey” but no guarantees shall be given. YOU must ensure that YOU have extra back-up copies of your material since THE MANAGEMENT shall not guarantee indefinite availability.

  1. If YOU publish something that you have written on “my.strathspey”, copyright rests with YOU. By publishing your material on “my.strathspey”, you agree that users of “my.strathspey” may retrieve that material and make use of it within the confines of applicable copyright law (such as “fair use”). YOU may add additional copyright notices and statements of rights provided that they do not limit or contradict the previous sentence.

  2. For the publication on “my.strathspey” of material copyrighted by third parties, the assent of the copyright holder(s) is required. Please make sure that YOU are, indeed, allowed to publish any third-party material that you want to publish on “my.strathspey”; THE MANAGEMENT shall not perform a-priori checks but shall remove copyrighted materials immediately if the bona-fide copyright holder objects.

  3. THE MANAGEMENT assumes no responsibility for the material posted to “my.strathspey” by registered subscribers, including material pointed to by Web hyperlinks within material posted to “my.strathspey”. Please address all complaints to webmaster@my.strathspey.org.


  1. When you register for “my.strathspey”, THE MANAGEMENT requires you to submit your name as well as various personal details such as your name and e-mail address. We believe in calling people by their real names (although we have no way of knowing that your name isn’t really “Donald Duck”) so would ask you to play along here. Your name may appear in various places in connection with your activities on “my.strathspey” (for example in our list of recent sign-ups or if you post a contribution), but anything other than your name shall be kept confidential and shall not be divulged to entities outside THE MANAGEMENT except if required by law (e.g., a search warrant).

  2. YOU may also give additional personal details such as city of residence, dance experience, etc. By entering these YOU agree that they may be made available to other users of the site, either for immediate perusal or as part of a service on the site (e.g., YOUR city of residence might be displayed on a world map together with the cities of residence of other registered subscribers); if YOU do not want them to be published then do not share them in the first place.

  3. Please see also the separate Privacy Statement for the Strathspey web sites.


  1. THE MANAGEMENT assumes no liability for damages occurring to YOU by your use of “my.strathspey”, other than provided for by applicable law.


  1. Use of “my.strathspey” is free to registered subscribers. YOU pay for your own Internet access the way YOU would have to when using any other Web resource; THE MANAGEMENT does not charge anything on top of that.

  2. YOU are respectfully invited to contribute to the upkeep and further development of “my.strathspey”, or just to show your appreciation of the work that goes into maintaining this resource, if you want. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION. See the contact page for details of how you can make nice things happen to us.

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