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Contact Information

I can be reached by e-mail concerning all matters pertaining to the Strathspey ecosystem on


My physical address is on the “About this site” page.

(The fact that my flat is a living space rather than a museum means that I prefer not to receive unannounced surprise visits at home, but if you are, or expect to be, in the area then by all means get in touch so we can meet for coffee, a meal, sightseeing, dancing, …)

I’m in the phone directory, or send e-mail to ask for my phone number.

Nice things

The general rule behind the Strathspey list and server is that it is free to users. (Paying out of pocket for the part of the physical servers that I use is a lot less hassle than dealing with the technicalities of collecting money, paying the appropriate business taxes, etc. that would otherwise be necessary to run this site “properly” – and it is supposed to be a hobby, after all.)

Having said that, if you do want to contribute on a strictly voluntary basis to either the upkeep of the site or else my personal well-being and quality of life, here are a few suggestions:

  • Being a SCD teacher, I always appreciate additions to my personal collection of dance books and CDs, so if there is something published locally to your area that I’m unlikely to have, a copy would be greatly appreciated. I may even review it for the site, and/or enter it into the SCD database if it isn’t there yet.

  • I have a PayPal account at “anselm@strathspey.org”.

  • I also have an Amazon wishlist containing a few non-SCD trinkets I wouldn’t mind cluttering up my flat even more with. This is on the German Amazon server, but I’m told Amazon user accounts are good on any Amazon site (hint, hint).

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