Album Around the World with Scotch Mist 1103

Short name
Around the World
Recorded by
Scotch Mist (2017)
  • CD: SMP002-CD (2017)
1 Mr Iain Stuart Robertson Scotch Mist R32 84:47 35.9 The Langford Ceilidh/A Favorite Quickstep by a Gentleman/Lord of the Dance/I'll Gang Nae Mare tae Yon Toon
2 Strathspey for Stan Scotch Mist S32 88:24 63.0 Memories of Ayr/For Ann/Miss Admiral Gordon/Elena's Lullaby
3 A Trip to Sorrento Scotch Mist J32 63:36 36.0 Come Under My Plaidie/The Spider's Web/Donny Get out of the Woods/The Connaughtman's Rambles/The Emerald Isle/Larry O' Gaff
4 The Lanes of Au Scotch Mist R32 31:52 37.3 West Kilbride/The Honeymoon/My Uncle Georg's Reel
5 White Eagle Scotch Mist J32 84:45 35.6 The Genteel Gent/The Silver Bracelet/Ian MacKintosh of Pine House/The Pans of Kennet
6 Charlottetown Scotch Mist S32 44:22 65.5 June Darge's Strathspey/Stewart Smith/Visit to Maple Hill Farm/Through the Years
7 Neil M Grant Scotch Mist J32 84:47 35.9 Hazel's Singapore Sling/Malcolm Ross/Caroline Shaw's Jig/Kitty of Oulart
8 Fiddling in the Pinewoods Scotch Mist S32 88:18 62.2 Barbara McOwen's Strathspey/Stef's Strathspey/The Armadillo/Charlotte Victoria of River Philip
9 The Lass of Richmond Hill Scotch Mist R32 84:43 35.4 The Lass of Richmond Hill/La TempĂȘte/The Merry Ploughboy/Tynecastle Park
10 Shadow Scotch Mist J32 31:52 37.3 Miss Charles Hamilton Scott's Jigg/The Wolanski Clan/Baby Dude
11 Catch the Wind Scotch Mist R32 84:43 35.4 The Navvie/The Hugh Allen Reel/The Blue Tuque Reel/Johnny Muise's Reel
12 City of Belfast Scotch Mist S32 33:18 66.0 The City of Belfast/Laird's Compliments to Kathy Frasers Collins/Noble Jean
13 Miss Charlotte Sandifer Scotch Mist R32 42:28 37.0 Mr Gibson/Kiley's Reel/The Boys of the Loch/Sma' Coal for Nailers
14 A Cascade Jig Scotch Mist J32 42:28 37.0 Road to Banff/Mustard Seed/The Jig Runrig/The Streams of Abernethy
15 Waltz Scotch Mist W64 22:48 42.0 Garett Allen's Waltz/Debbie's Waltz