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Album DuK's Miss Milligan's Miscellany 1112

Short name
CD MMM Part 4
Recorded by
DuK (2015)
  • CD: RSCDS CD081 (2015)
  • MP3: RSCDS Homepage login / Media / Audio, Video / DuK MMM remastert
Related Publications
1 Highland Laddie DuK R32 84:35 34.4
2 The Royal Visit DuK J32 84:34 34.2
3 Lady Lucy Ramsay DuK S32 87:59 59.9
4 Bromlan/Bohmerdans/Pirvals DuK L4:18 0
5 Lady Glasgow DuK S32 88:16 62.0
6 The Monifieth Star (8R32) - as MP3 (8R48) DuK R32 84:38 34.8
7 AE Lam DuK L5:35 0
8 Schottis Set DuK L4:28 0
9 The Seagull DuK J32 84:37 34.6
10 Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey (as "Trinity Hall") DuK S32 88:09 61.1
11 Valse Set DuK W5:28 0
12 Newington Assembly (8R48) - as MP3 (8R32) DuK R48 88:50 44.2

The DuK CD has a few oddities:

  • The track for “The Monifieth Star” has been recorded as eight repetitions of a 32-bar reel - but the dance in fact is a 48-bar reel.

  • The track for “Newington Assembly” has been recorded as eight repetitions of a 48-bar reel but the dance is in fact a 32-bar reel. (The original tune is called “Newington Assembly”).

There are re-recordings available, if you first login at the RSCDS Homepage:
then go to https://rscds.org/shop/product/music/cd-mmm-part-4/ from where you can download the two “remastered” tracks.