Album The Well Tuned Piano 1129

Short name
Well Tuned Piano
Recorded by
Donald J Bartlett (2020)
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9 Stuttgart Strathspey Donald J Bartlett S32 66:35 65.8 Mr Michie's/Allan Gibb/The Miller o' Dervil/We'll Aye be Fond o' Ingram/Mr. Young's
10 Links with St Petersburg Donald J Bartlett J32 84:54 36.8 The Craigellachie Lasses/Miss Grace Hay's Reel/Miss Ann Mackay's Favorite/Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel
11 The Tri-Mariner Donald J Bartlett R32 84:49 36.1 The Wonder/Oxford Street/The Lamplighter's Hornpipe/The Maid of the Mist
12 Any Good Strathspey Donald J Bartlett S32 88:29 63.6 St. Anne's Cathedral/The Scots Recluse/Her Absence Will Not Alter Me/Winter
13 Any Good Jig Donald J Bartlett J32 84:51 36.4 Miss Ali Bartlett/Dominique's Birthday/A Summer Day in Autumn/Eaton Hall
14 Smiling Lila Donald J Bartlett R32 84:44 35.5 Smiling Lila/April Fool/The Merry Ground
15 The Jappy Farewell Waltz Donald J Bartlett W144 12:54 38.7 The Jappy Farewell Waltz
1 A Bonnie Lassie Donald J Bartlett J32 84:51 36.4 Elizabeth Grace Bartlett/The Pairtin' Kiss/Lass of Waverley
2 Petronella (3 couple set) Donald J Bartlett R32 63:30 35.0 Petronella/The Persian Dance/Waverley Steps/The East Neuk o' Fife/The Breakdown
3 Miss Ogilvie's Fancy Donald J Bartlett S32 88:35 64.4 Miss Ogilvie's Fancy/Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Mrs Garden of Troup/Miss Colston's Strathspey
4 The Express Donald J Bartlett J40 85:59 35.9 The Ferry/The Banks of the Allan/Oh! as I was kissed yestreen/Cross Roads
5 Links o' Forth Donald J Bartlett R32 84:44 35.5 The Well Tuned Piano/The Handsome Ploughboy/The Bridge of Lodi
6 The Delta Borderers' 25th Donald J Bartlett S32 33:18 66.0 The Delta Borderers/The Queen o' the Haggis
7 Ruth's Return to Glen Ravine Donald J Bartlett J32 84:51 36.4 Ruth Jappy/Alex Jappy/All the Little Jappys
8 The Friday Night Musician Donald J Bartlett R32 84:47 35.9 Gordon Hamilton/The Portree Men/Kantara to El Arish/Marchioness of Tullibardine