Album Jig for Joy 200

Short name
Jig for Joy
Recorded by
The Music Makars (1998)
  • CD: EWO-002 (1998)
1 Trip to Gatlinburg The Music Makars J32 84:44 35.5
Jig for Joy/A Wing and a Prayer/Robert MacIntosh's Fancy/A Jig Named Desire
2 Jessie's Hornpipe The Music Makars R32 84:35 34.4
The Ton/Prince William/Lady Gethin/Delgaty Castle
3 The Minister on the Loch The Music Makars S32 33:12 64.0
Muriel Johnstone's Compliments to Robert MacKay/The Bobby Harvey Strathspey/J.F. Dickie's Delight
4 Kendall's Hornpipe The Music Makars J32 84:42 35.2
Ower the Water/Sylvia Miskoe/Papa Broon/Snug in a Blanket
5 Cadgers in the Canongate The Music Makars R48 86:55 34.6
John McNeil's Reel/Saint Anne's/The Knotted Chord/The Pigeon on the Gate
6 The Lea Rig The Music Makars S32 66:19 63.2
The Lea Rig/Mary Morison/Gin Worth Living/Banks of Nith/Mollie McAlpin
7 The Dancing Master The Music Makars J96 11:47 35.7
The Dancingmaster/The Humours of Castle Glendart/O'Gallagher's Frolics
8 Fire in the Rye The Music Makars R32 63:29 34.8
Traditional Reel (for ›Fire in the Rye‹)/Reel de mon Voisin/Red Haired Boy/Jerusalem Ridge/Fire in the Rye/Stefan's Folly
9 Beauty of the North The Music Makars S32 88:20 62.5
The Beauty of the North/Miss Ann Stewart of East Craigs/Miss Sutherland Gunn/Miss Mackenzie's Strathspey
10 The Clarsach The Music Makars J32 42:27 36.8
The Battle of Sherrifmuir/Ruaridh Dall/B'fhearr leam fhin gun tigeadh an t'sith
11 Haste Ye Back The Music Makars R881:40 36.4
Andrew's Reel/Miss Lorraine Nelson of Aberdeen
12 Dancing Airs The Music Makars S32 44:20 65.0
Lady Elizabeth/Air/Gavotte
13 Crabbit Shona The Music Makars J32 63:28 34.7
Crabbit Shona/Morrison's Jig/Honors to Karen Tweed
14 Jessie, The Flower of Dunblane The Music Makars W3:31 0
Jessie, The Flower of Dunblane/Captain O'Kane
15 Strathspey and Reel Medley The Music Makars M32 43:24 51.0
Miss Jane Campbell of Monzie/Sleepy Maggie/Tom Dey/Lowe's Reel
17 Marches Bobby Brown & Etienne Ozorak X0:00 0
Mrs Lily Christie/Maids of Kintail