Album Dancing Fingers 4. The Blackadder Collection 423

Short name
Fingers 4
Recorded by
Muriel A Johnstone (2002)
  • CD: SCD13 (2002)
1 The Blackadder Jig Muriel A Johnstone J32 84:53 36.6
Blackadder Water/The Robertson's of Braeside/Susan Skelton's Jig/Castlegate
2 Blackadder House Muriel A Johnstone S32 89:02 67.8
Blackadder House/Allanbank/Dark Runs the Blackadder/The Houstons of Boswall
3 A Hastings Welcome Muriel A Johnstone R32 42:30 37.5
Val Mitchell's Reel/Wonderful Time in the Warenar/Sandy Milne
4 Ewan Telford's Strathspey Muriel A Johnstone S32 44:45 71.2
Ewan Telford/Munebroch/Eileen's Strathspey
5 Celebration Jig Muriel A Johnstone J32 42:30 37.5
The Bowlens of Bundoora/Crazy Mixed-up Kid/Old Parliament House
6 Carol Palmer's Strathspey Muriel A Johnstone S32 89:05 68.1
Carol Palmer of Houston/Helen Thomson's Strathspey/Kinlochmoidart/Elke Baker
7 The Hawkesbury Rant Muriel A Johnstone R32 42:32 38.0
The Banana-Benders/By the Way/Pitcalnie
8 Bonnie Gallowa' Muriel A Johnstone S40 45:53 70.6
Bonnie Gallowa'/Kirkcudbright/Mr & Mrs Little of Castle Douglas/Peg Rae
9 The Lassie Frae Glasgow Muriel A Johnstone J32 84:49 36.1
The Lassie Frae Glasgow/Becky's Birthday Jig/Miss Montgomery of Glebe/The Pistols
10 Jim Dougal of Eyemouth Muriel A Johnstone S32 33:33 71.0
The Eyemouth Petronella/Jim's Lady
11 The Craven Jig Muriel A Johnstone J32 42:31 37.8
Mira Stables Cook's Delight/Carmen Ritchie/The Galloping Granny
12 The West Highland Line Muriel A Johnstone R32 84:50 36.2
The West Highland Line/Outward Bound/The Glenfinnan Viaduct/Rannoch Moor/Bridge of Orchy/Mac Cailin Mor