Album The Old Scottish Dance Bands Vol 2 944

Short name
Old Bands 2
Recorded by
Various Artists (2009)
  • CD: SDP06 (2009)
1 Duke of Perth Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen R32 84:25 33.1
Duke of Perth/The Rose Tree/Davy Nick Nack
2 Highland Scottische Ian Holmes and his Band S162:31 0
The Braes of Tulliemet/Loudon's Bonnie Woods/The Braes of Mar
3 Janet's Delight Waltz Jim Nicholson and his Band W1:49 0
Morag of Dunvegan/Sine Bhan
4 Set of Jigs Gordon McCullough and his Scottish Dance Band J32 84:28 33.5
Jackson's Bottle of Claret/The Sailor's Wife/The Soldier's Dance/Sailor at the Bow
5 The Glasgow Highlanders Chalmers Wood S32 32:39 53.0
The Glasgow Highlanders/Jenny's Bawbee
6 Canadian Barn Dance Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band X163:11 0
The Highland Wedding/Millicent's Favourite
7 Petronella Tim Wright and his Scottish Dance Band R32 84:18 32.2
Petronella/The Lass o' Patie's Mill/The Bonnie Toon O' Edinburgh
8 Gay Gordons Jimmy Shand and his Band X162:33 0
My Native Highland Home/Corriechoillie's Welcome to the Northern Meeting/Sweet Maid of Glendaruel
9 Saint Bernard's Waltz Jim Cameron and his Scottish Dance Band W163:23 0
Galley of Lorne/The Mist Covered Mountains of Home/Heroes of Kohima
10 The Call of the Pipes Peter Davidson and his Band X162:25 0
Dr Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering/John D. Burgess
11 Happy Harry Polka Jim MacLeod and his Band P2:25 0
Happy Harry
12 Boston Two Step Hamish MacPherson and his Band J162:45 0
Traditional Air
13 The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord Gregor MacKay and his Band S64 12:12 66.0
The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord
14 Campbell's Frolic Jim Johnstone and his Band J32 42:10 32.5
Campbell's Frolic/Lord Cathcart/The Weaver and His Wife/Harvest Time
15 Harvest Home George Bell and his Band R48 42:52 28.7
Harvest Home/George Wark/The Fairy Dance/Caddam Wood
16 Scottish Waltz Johnny MacLeod's Scottish Country Dance Band W4:26 0
My Ain Folk/Way Up in Clachan
17 The Eightsome Reel Rob Gordon and his Band R464 16:55 28.6
Timour the Tartar/Rachel Rae/Mrs Hay/Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/Mrs Macpherson of Inveran/Willie Davie/The Kilt is my Delight/The Apple Tree/Clean Pease Strae