Album The Musik of Corryvrechan 963

Short name
Corryvrechan Music
Recorded by
Corryvrechan (2007)
  • CD: CVCD01 (2007)
1 White Clouds in an Azure Sky Corryvrechan M1362:29 35.1 Dirk Kommer's Reel/Ray's Classic/Alasdair of the Dun/Miss Linda MacFarlane
2 Acadian Medley Corryvrechan M1523:13 40.6 Bonnie Dundee/The Ivy Leaf/Goose Feathers/The Crooked Stovepipe/Tin Gee-gee
3 Chasing Shawdows Corryvrechan R641:43 0 Chasing Shawdows
4 From Scotland with Love Corryvrechan M1122:02 34.9 The North Sea Tune/Kaela's Peerie Tune/The Old Man and The Old Woman
5 Glamis Castle Corryvrechan M1442:36 34.7 Ewan MacPhail's Two Step/Chrissie Leatham Two-step/Eshaness Two-Step/Norma's Tune
6 Ashokan Farewell Corryvrechan L2:34 0 Ashokan Farewell
7 Dannsa nan Sgoiltean Beaga {The Dance of the Small Schools} Corryvrechan M721:27 38.7 Kaela's Peerie Tune/Iain Peterson's Compliments to Jack Delaney
8 Pumpkin's Fancy Corryvrechan R641:30 0 Pumpkin's Fancy
9 The Star Swords Corryvrechan M1202:41 42.9 Murdo's Wedding/The Fiddler's Joy/Inchmickery/Murdo's Wedding
10 The Celtic Reel Corryvrechan M961:47 35.7 The Trumpet Hornpipe/Fisher's Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe
11 Wilkinson's Sword Dance Corryvrechan M1202:18 36.8 Teribus/The Tweedale Reel/The Cock o' the North
12 The Muckle Wheel Corryvrechan M1362:59 42.1 Miss Moira Sinclair/Calum's Road/James Miller, Bullionfield
13 Highland Cathedral Corryvrechan L1:48 0 Highland Cathedral
14 The President's Reel Corryvrechan M1122:09 36.9 Bon Accord/Sma' Coal for Nailers/The Burning of the Piper's Hut
15 Da Slockit Light Corryvrechan L2:33 0 Petronella
16 Bonnie Anne Corryvrechan M1202:13 35.5 Bonnie Anne
17 The Archers and Fair Isle Tradition Corryvrechan M1683:41 42.1 The Athole Highlanders/The Conundrum/Billy Thom's Reel/Jack's Delight/Claverhouse Reel
18 Lochanside Corryvrechan L1:38 0 Lochanside
19 Wayward Roots Corryvrechan M1202:20 37.3 Saut de Lapin/Cold Frosty Morning/Panhandle Swing/Sandy River Belles
20 The Shilling Reel Corryvrechan R48 32:38 35.1 The Breakdown/The Ale is Dear/The High Road to Linton