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Dance Video Flakes on the Road (Video 3)

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'Flakes on the Road' is a 32 bar reel for 2 couples in a 4 couple set.
Flakes on the Road (R32, Hans Prade: The Snow Collection)
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‘Flakes on the Road’ is a 32 bar reel for 2 couples in a 4 couple set.

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Flakes on the Road 2/4L · R32
1s and 2s dance Back-to-Back.
1s and 2s turn partner RH 1¼, to finish in line of 4 up and down in the middle, keeping RH joined, 1L joining LH with 2M. (Order from the top: 1M ,1L,2M,2L)
Balance-in-Line. 1L and 2M turn LH ¾ , while 1M and 2L chase clockwise round a quarter, to form a line of 4 across the set.
Repeat bars 9 – 12, to finish again in a line up and down the set, joining RH with partner.
1M and 2M lead their ladies down the middle, 1s leading, 2s following, then 2s divide to let 1s pass up between them, and follow them up, ready for

(Dance Crib compiled by the devisor, Hans Prade)

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