Dance Video The Craven Twelvesome (Video 2)

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The Craven Twelvesome (R32, Derek Haynes: Carnforth Collection of SC Dances 5)
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Part of a compilation. Starts at 2:20, goes to the end. Not the whole set is in view. Gives an idea of teh dance but not suitable for instruction.

Alas not available embedded.

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The Craven Twelvesome otherS · R32

Four trios WMW in a square set

Each trio Reel3, M starts Rsh
All M set | ½ RHA | dance out between opposite W and cast R to next M place
1trio+3trio advance NHJ , the W make a quick BH turn | retire in new trios ; side trios repeat
Circle 12 and back

Progression. Each turn the M move one place cclw, the W cross to opposite side.

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