Dance Video The Eightsome Reel (Video 6)

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The Eightsome Reel (R464, RSCDS II 12)
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The Eightsome Reel 4S · R464

Part A

All C circle8 and back
1W+2W+3W+4W RHA, holding P LH ; all C veer right NHJ to bring M to the middle for LHA back to places, M holding P RH.
All C set to partners twice ; turn partners once BH, to finish facing partners in original places
All C G-Chain (2 skip change par hand) to own places, finishing facing the centre (no polite turn)

Part B

1W moves to centre, and dances alone (any suitable reel steps) while{8} 1M+2c+3c+4c circle7 and back
1W sets to and turns P BH ; sets to and turns opposite M (3M) BH
1W+1M+3M Reel3, 1W starts with Lsh to 1M, 1W stays in the centre at the end
Repeat bars 1-8
1W sets to and turns M on right (4M) BH ; sets to and turns opposite M (2M) BH
1W+4M+2M Reel3, 1W starts with Lsh to 4M, at the end 1W resumes her original place, and 2W moves into the centre

Repeat part B 7 times, with 2W, 3W, 4W, 1M, ... 4M each in turn in the centre. On bars 9- the W/M in the centre first sets to the P, then to the opposite M/W. In bars 33- the W/M first sets to the M/W on the L (seen from inside) of her/his original position, then the M/W opposite.
repeat part A

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