Dance Video Strip the Willow (Video 2)

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Strip the Willow (j40, RSCDS I 7)
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Truus de Ceuster (May 5, 2014, 9:50 p.m.) – Source: Vimeo
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Educational video to help everyone to take the floor and participate in the commonwealth ceilidh on the 21st June 2014

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Strip the Willow 4/4L · j40

Can be danced by any number of couples, add 12 bars for each extra couple; Running step throughout, 3 steps per bar.

1c turn RH 2½ ; 1W turn 2M LH (1M runs down), P RH
1W turn 3M LH, P RH ; 4M LH, P RH
1M turn 4W LH (1W runs up) P RH ; 3W LH, P RH
1M turn 2W LH, P RH ; 1W+2M & 1M+2W turn LH (2c finish one place up), 1c turn RH
Repeat with 3c ; repeat with 4c, finishing with 1½ RH turn (may overrun by 2 bars)

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