Dance Video Spiffin' (Video 1)

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Spiffin' (J32, Quarries and Friends: Chicago 25th Anniversary Collection)
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Eric Ferguson (June 13, 2016, 10:29 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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A Chiswick Scottish instructional video, june 2016

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Spiffin' 5S · J32

5c (dancing couple) stands facing 1c in centre of square set, numbered clw as usual.

5c parallel Lsh Reels3 with 1c+3c
5M+4c LHA while{4} 5W+2c RHA ; 5c dance (NHJ) between 1c, divide, 5M(5W) casting left(right) round 1W(1M) back into the centre for
5M+4c RHA while{4} 5W+2c LHA ; 5c dance (NHJ) between 3c, divide, and cast back round 3M(3W), into the centre
5c with RH elbow-grip (Kilt grip) make any (eg. tulloch) turn {4} ; 5c face 1c and set, ½ LHA to finish with 5c in 1pl and 1c in the middle facing 2c (i.e. next couple clw) to start again.

after 5 times through, 5c finish in the middle, all other C have moved one place clw

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