Dance Video Nothing in Common (Video 2)

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Nothing in Common (S32, Susi Mayr: The Merse Collection)
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Eric Ferguson (June 16, 2017, 1:07 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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There are lots of great videos of Scottish country dances available, and I use them quite frequently if I want some details about a dance.

But those video always show the dance from the outside and do not catch a dancer's point of view. And dancing is so much nicer when you are part of the set rather than watching from the sideline.

I wanted to make a video, which is shot from the inside and provides some immersion feeling. We ran through the dance more than a dozen times and I collated one version from all the takes. I did not succeed of really catching a single dancer's perspective, as the clip from the body cameras were too hectic; but I like the result well enough to share.

(Source: Strathspey posting of the creator of the video)

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Nothing in Common 2/3L · S32

Reel4 across, 1W+2M pass Lsh to start, at the end 1M+2W curve clw to bring 1M, 1W, 2M, 2W onto midline, all facing P.
1c+2c ½ Reel4 ; turn P RH 1¼ to (2,1)
2c+1c set | turn BH ; into Circle4 L
2c+1c Poussette

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