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Dance Video The 50th Parallel (Video 1)

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The 50th Parallel (R48, Bill Zobel / Muriel Johnstone: Dancing on Air)
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Martina Mueller-Franz (Nov. 25, 2017, 3:27 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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The 50th Parallel 5/5L · R48
1c+5c Rsh Fig8 on own side, 1W+5M face out
1W+5M (Partners following) cast R and cross to opposite side (2c+4c step to end) (2,1x,3,5x,4) ; 1c+5c Turn P RH and twirl R to DDTr position facing opposite side
Set as in DDTr | All petronella (1c+5c to opposite sidelines, others to BtoB in middle) ; Set in inverted DDTr | All petronella, 1c+5c to midline with M above W, others to sideline
1c+5c ½ Reel4 on midline ; Turn P RH to promhold facing down (M on L)
5c+3c & 1c+4c parallel Rsh Reels3 across, 3c/4c finishing in 3pl/5pl, and 5c+1c face down NHJ
5c+1c dance down (4c up on [43–44]); Change side {1}, W passing under joined arms, (3c+4c up on [45–46]) and dance up {3} to (2,3,4,5,1)

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