Dance Video Gang the Same Gate (Video 4)

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Gang the Same Gate (S32, Milton Levy: RSCDS XXXVI 4)
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Murrough Landon (March 15, 2018, 10:23 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Ignore the spurious "Reverend John MacFarlane" title about half way through.

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Gang the Same Gate 3/4L · S32

1c cross RH | cast off 2 (2c+3c up) ; 1c cross RH and cast up (3c down) to (2,1,3)
1c set passing Lsh | turn 1cnrs BH ; ½Reel4 with 2cnrs, at end 1c curve R to between end cpl (M above facing W below)
1c set passing Lsh, turn 4cnr (2cnr persons) BH ; ½Reel4 with 1cnrs, at end curve R to end as (3x,1x,2x)
All S&Link3 ; repeat (2,1,3)

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