Dance Video Swirling Snow (Video 1)

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Swirling Snow (S32, Ruth Taylor (CAN): Martello Tower Book 7)
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Martina Mueller-Franz (Oct. 10, 2018, 1:16 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Swirling Snow 3/3L · S32

1s cross RH & cast 1 place, 1s dance down between C3 & cast to 2nd place opposite sides
All 1/2 turn & twirl to change places, all turn RH into allemande hold (2s & 3s face down, 1s face up)
All dance interlocking Allemandes:
1s dance normal Allemande ending in 2nd place while 2s+3s Allemande (down) & up to 3rd/1st places. (3)1(2)
1s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 up between 3s, all turn 2H 1.1/2 times to own sides to end 3 1 2

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