Dance Video Prince Charlie's Quickstep (Video 1)

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Prince Charlie's Quickstep (J48, John Drewry: Summer Collection, Set 8)
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Ilana Steiner (Nov. 1, 2018, 8:34 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Informal/Social (RSCDS) (What does this mean?)

Apart from a variety of individual dancers mistakes, the version of the dance being performed here seems to consistently differ from that described in crib and diagram in several places:
- in bars 3-4 1st and 4th couples here set on the sides and turn more than once RH instead of petronella and half turning RH;
- at bar 32 1st and 4th men do not end the reel of four across by taking RH;
- in bars 33-36 1st and 4th couples dance half way round in promenade hold instead of forming one line.
NB John Drewry revised this dance but the video shows another variation, neither the original or revised versions.

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Prince Charlie's Quickstep 4/4L · J48

3c+4c cross on 2nd chord (1,2,3x,4x). Centro-symmetrical dance.

1c+4c set | ½ turn LH ; 1W & 4W, followed by P, dance between nearest cpl, and out opposite side | split, W casting L to exchanged places and M R to original places
DblFig8 at top and bottom, to start end pairs cross in and middle cpls dance to end
End pairs set | cross RH ; set | cross into line across in the middle, W to opposite sides facing in and M into BtoB between them, facing P, while{2} 2c+3c cast to the ends
1c+4c Reel4 across, but at end 1M+4M turn RH ½ and join NH with P into line of 4
Line turns ½ clw ; W dance ½ Fig8 R through end cpls while{4} M turn RH (2,4,1x,3x)
Circle8 and back

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