Dance Video Caddam Wood (Video 1)

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Caddam Wood (R32, John W Mitchell: Scottish Dance Archives)
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A complete turn of the dance starts at about 0:20.

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Caddam Wood 5/5L · R32

1c+5c cross RH and cast one towards middle of set ; 1c+5c turn 1¼ RH to centre line (M face up, W down)
1c+5c Reel4 while{8} 2M+3M+4M & 2W+3W+4W Reels3 on sides (3c starts inwards giving Rsh)
1c+2c & 4c+5c RHA ; LHA (1c+5c finish in the middle)
1M+5W 1½ RH turn ; 1W+5W & 1M+5M 1½ LH turn, each pair ending on own sides, (on [29] 2M+3M+4M & 2W+3W+4W step one place to the left) (finishing order M 2-3-4-5-1 and W 5-1-2-3-4, i.e. not facing own P)

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