Dance Video Cumberland Reel (Video 1)

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Cumberland Reel (J32, RSCDS I 11)
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This set dances down for 4 [17-20] and up for 4 [21-24], inste4ad of 6 for each, and so has 4 bars left over at the end; they stand still and clap to fill teh time.

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Cumberland Reel 4/4L ยท J32

1c+2c RHA ; LHA
1c lead down the middle and up
1c casts off behind own lines, the other couples following {6} and lead up {6}, 1c finish facing down, 2c+3c+4c forming arches
1c dance down, the others step back on [32] (to 2,3,4,1)

(An unofficial variant is for 3c+4c to also dance RHA, LHA on [1-8]

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