Dance Video Customs Made (Video 2)

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Customs Made (R40, Holly Boyd: Célébrations)
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Martina Mueller-Franz (June 11, 2019, 2:02 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Video starts at bar 5. There are a few problems at the start of the next repeat. The adjoining set, seen on the 3rd repeat starting at 1:17 is the best.

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Customs Made 3/4L · R40

½ Mirror Reels3 on opposite sides, 1c crossing down (to 3,2,1x) ; 1c turn 2c EH 1½ on sidelines, finish 2c in 3pl, 1c face 1cnrs[pos] (3,1,2)
»Set to Corners and Cast Away« [1c set to 1cnr[pos] | 1c cast Rsh round P to 3cnr[pos] while{2} cnrs on 1diag dance into centre, and swivel R BtoB to face own cnr[pos] ; repeat, cnrs on 1diag finishing in exchanged places, and 1c facing 2cnrs[pos]]
Repeat [9-16] with 2cnrs[pos]. On [32] 1c finish in centre RSh to P facing opposite sides (2x,1,3x)
1M+2M+3M & 1W+2W+3W LHA ; 2cnrs[pos] (2M & 3W) leading, all chase cclw to own sides (1,3,2 on M side, 3,2,1 on W side)
3C Bourrel. On [39-40] all Petronella Turn to sidelines (2,1,3)

»Set to Corners and Cast Away« is also called "Best Set in the Hall Figure".

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