Dance Video The Burn of Sorrow (Video 1)

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The Burn of Sorrow (S32, Barry Priddey: The Silver Rose Book of Scottish Country Dances)
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Murrough Landon (Nov. 22, 2019, 12:08 a.m.) – Source: Vimeo
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Last two complete repeats (starting at offset 0:56). The video starts about 8 bars into the previous repeat.

In bars 5-6 the instructions suggest 1st man & 2nd woman should retain hands and half turn before casting but here they just pass right shoulder.

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The Burn of Sorrow 2/4L · S32

1C 2C dance RHA; 1M 2W retain RH, turn halfway [1] then cast L around partner and cross to own places [3].
1C 2C dance LHA; 1W 2M dance around partner by L and pass by the L - - 1W to face 2W, 2M to face 1M.
Diagonal Reel4 - 1W 2M on reaching partner's place cross to own sides.
1C 2C Tourbillon.

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