Dance Video The Old School Strathspey (Video 1)

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The Old School Strathspey (S32, Mervyn C Short: 12 Scottish Country Dances by Mervyn Short [2009])
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Murrough Landon (Dec. 23, 2019, 1:22 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Twice through. The last four bars of each repeat are adapted with 2nd & 3rd couples (at the ends) additionally casting into a chase ¼ round to change the orientation of the set (instead of just standing).

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The Old School Strathspey 4/4L · S32

Start (1,2,3x,4x)

1c+2c & 3c+4c RHA, end 1c facing 2c and 3c facing 4c ; set to and pass opposite RH and face again (2,1,4x,3x)
Reels4 on the sides, at end 4c+1c don't pass but finish BtoB, (2,4x,1,3x) middles facing ends
All set | 4c+1c petronella to form a line across (1M,4W,1W,4M, middles facing ends) ; 1c+4c set | turn opposite RH till "outer" faces out with the "inner" behind. Meanwhile{6} 2c+3c link (no hands) ; set facing down/up NHJ | link again, to sidelines.
1M+4W following & 4M+1W following cast R, round 1M/4W positions and in the ends to (2,4,1x,3x) ; 4c+1c Circle4 L

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