Dance Video The Glasgow Highlanders (Video 6)

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The Glasgow Highlanders (S32, RSCDS II 3)
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Murrough Landon (April 5, 2020, 6:23 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Twice through in a 2 couple set. Since the couples start opposite each other and beside partner, the end of the final reels here are adapted to reorganise the set for the next repeat.

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The Glasgow Highlanders 2/4L · S32

2 chords. On 2nd chord 1W crosses down to R of P, 2W moves 1 place up and 2M crosses to her place, so 1c faces 2c across.

1c+2c R&L, finish with 2M between 2W & 1W facing down and NHJ, 1M behind him
1W+2M+2W dance down the middle, 1M following ; all turn (W inwards, M R about) 1M NHJ with the women, and 2M following, dance up to finish in line across, the W on the sidelines facing P in the middle (1c on M side)
1c+2c set to P: Glasgow Highlanders step (M may do some other Highland step)
Reels4 {6} across the dance | 1c lead down the M side and 2c up the W side to face next couple. On reaching the top, 2c waits inactive on own side ; on reaching the bottom 1c waits inactive on own side.

Notes: The RSCDS prescribes a 4c set, but the tradition is a longwise set 'for as many as will'.

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