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Dance Video Mrs Hill's Delight (Video 2)

1996 RSCDS teaching video
Mrs Hill's Delight (R32, RSCDS XXVIII 7)
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Murrough Landon (July 26, 2020, 12:03 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Mrs Hill's Delight 3/4L · R32
1s slip step down (2 bars), drop hands nearest top & both set as 1L pulls back RSh to Bto B with partner, 1L faces 3M & 1M faces 3L (3s set & 2s step up 3-4)
1s turn 3s (1M+3L RH, 1L+3M LH) to end 1s between 3s all facing up in line across; 1s+3s set
1s slip step up middle (2 bars), drop hands nearest bottom of set, & both set as 1L pulls back RSh to face 2L & 1M faces 2M (2s set 11-12)
1s 3/4 turn 2s (1M+2M LH, 1L+2L RH), 1s end in 2nd place own side, 2s in 1st place, 2s+1s set to partners. 2 1 3
2s+1s dance 1/2 R&L with full LH turn on opp sides; 2s cross RH to own sides (in top place) as 1s cross & dance RSh round 3rd corners back to 2nd place own sides facing down
2s+1s+3s dance Grand Chain

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