Dance Video The Triumph (Video 5)

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The Triumph (R24, Nathaniel Gow: RSCDS I 2)
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John Homes (Dec. 17, 2020, 1:03 a.m.) – Source: Vimeo
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The Triumph 4/4L · R24

1c lead down the middle and up, 1M presents 1W to 2M
1W+2M (NHJ), followed by 1M, dance down the middle ; 1W+2M turn inwards and 1M joins (1W hands crossed and joined to outer hands of 1M+2M, their NH making arch above 1W), all three dance up in TRIUMPH to finish 2M in own place and 1c BHJ on opposite sides
1c Poussette down the middle to bottom pl (¼ R turn, progress, ¼ turn, ¼ turn, progress, progress with ¼ turn, ½ turn to own side, fall back to sides), (all other couples step up on 23-24).

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