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Dance Video Mrs Gibbs of Josselin (Video 1)

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Mrs Gibbs of Josselin (J32, Roland Telle)
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Roland Telle (Nov. 8, 2022, 7:21 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Mrs Gibbs of Josselin 3/4L · J32
1c+2c RHA{3}, LHA{3} | 1c cast to 2pl, 2c dance to top (2,1,3)
Mirror Reels3, 1c start in and down
2c+1W & 1M+3c RHA ; with 1c leading LSh Snake Pass to (3,1,2)
3C Set&Rotate (2,1,3)

Note. After 2nd time through 1c (+ 4c) may repeat (1–8) to go to 4pl.

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