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Formation Hello-Goodbye Poussette 380

Hello Goodbye Poussette (description by Rod Downey):

This begins in a diagonal line between first man’s place and second lady’s place with 1W and 2M back to back; 1C and 2C holding partners with both hands in order 1M 1W 2M 2W. The retain hands until the end of bar 6. All begin on the right foot.

1-2 All set R, and move left on the left jete’ to finish in a line across the set, with the 1M and 2W back to back. (This rotates the line 1/8 anticlockwise.) 3-4 Repeat a further 1/8, so that we are now on the second diagonal.

5-6 Repeat, so that now all are in a line up and down the set, (from the top), 2M, 2W, 1M, 1W. Drop hands.

7-8 All petronella to own sides in progressed places.