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Issue 1722: Addition. Or why was the Dunsmuir Dances book deleted?!

Crowcombe and Stogumber (Dance)
Edwin Werner
Assigned to
Murrough Landon

I am quite surprised to notice that the book Dunsmuir Dances (USA) is not in the database … Perhaps it can be added? Thanks, Edwin

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  • Date  May 13, 2019, 4 p.m.
  • User  Unknown

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  • Date  May 13, 2019, 6:57 p.m.
  • User  Murrough Landon (murrough)

Subject changed to »Addition. Or why was the Dunsmuir Dances book deleted?!« (previously »Addition«)
Assigned changed to »murrough« (previously »None«)
Disposition changed to »Needs help« (previously »New«)

Hi Edwin, We are usually happy to add publications if we have the details, ideally a scan of the book.

Oddly, it seems the database did have a publication record for this book (publication ID 903) but it appears to have been deleted. Downloading and checking old daily dumps, it was still present on 7 April this year, but missing from 8 April onwards. I have no idea why. To be investigated… Cheers, Murrough.

  • Date  May 14, 2019, 10:24 p.m.
  • User  Murrough Landon (murrough)

Disposition changed to »Fixed« (previously »Needs help«)

On further investigation this deletion was an unintended consequence of Anselm’s periodic removal of spam accounts from the system. He was a bit more zealous than usual this time and unfortunately a few originally genuine but now completely dormant accounts were removed as well.

Since SCDDB is a relational database and “dangling” pointers to deleted user records must be avoided, the removal process also removes any other records which reference the deleted users.

At the time it was quickly noticed that videos uploaded by deleted user accounts were also deleted and these were all restored fairly quickly. The only other SCDDB records that have links to users are contributed cribs (it seems none of these were deleted) and publications if they were “adopted” by these users.

Checking the list of publications in the daily dumps before and after 7 April, we temporarily lost: 31: Book 31 - Diamond Jubilee 1923-1983
198: Brodie Book, The
592: When Auld Friends Meet
903: Dunsmuir Dances
1341: RSCDS Atlanta Branch Celebrating 40 Years of Dancing Memories

Two of these (Book 31 & When Auld Friends Meet) were added back in the mean time. Yesterday Anselm restored the publication records for the other three and today I added back all their dances (and tunes).

So hopefully all is now OK again - but should ideally be double checked.

Thanks again for spotting this problem and taking the trouble to report it!