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Issue 2159: Track list

Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing with the Boston Branch (Publication)
Martina Mueller-Franz (nachteule7)
Assigned to
Murrough Landon

here in SCDDB 14 Tracks are listed, but the original CD contains 16 Tracks. Here the two missing

no 8 - Highland Schottische - by Fiddlers Three tunes Aberdeen Schottische - by Bert Murray - 1994 Bon-Accord Collection

no 16 - Waltz - played by Hanneke Cassel, Anne Hooper & Beth Murray Tunes To the Next Twenty-Fice - by Beth Murray - 1995 Heather’s song - by Beth Murray - 1993

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  • Date  July 4, 2020, 11:26 a.m.
  • User  Martina Mueller-Franz (nachteule7)

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  • Date  July 4, 2020, 11:55 a.m.
  • User  Murrough Landon (murrough)

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I see you found those tracks later (issue #2160) but thanks for being attentive and reporting potentially missing items and giving all the details.

In fact I noticed that we did not have an entry for Bert Murray’s Bon Accord collection of tunes, so I will add that. I found a list of its contents at https://www.scotlandsmusic.com/Product/SM-P41OQV/bert-murrays-bon-accord-collection but the Table of Contents there does not list Aberdeen Schottische. As you mentioned the publication I assume its given as the source on the CD sleeve? For the moment I will add the publication but not link the tune.