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Issue 2320: Fir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og (Dance)
Stephen Webb (SJW)
Assigned to
Murrough Landon

This dance was not devised by Mary Isdale MacNab but simply added to the 8th Set of Collected Dances. (Other dances like From Scotia’s Shores … by Bob Campbell and The Silver Tassie by John Drewry began their lives being published alongside MIM Collected Dances.) Tie Nan Og was collected by Iain MacFarlane of Toronto from the Island of Lewis where it was danced to mouth music. Its provenance is clearly recognised by RSCDS in their 2014 publication ‘Scottish Country Dances Leaflet Dances 1964-1998 and Other Dances’ as Dance no. 2. In fact in the same RSCDS publication as dances nos 1 & 3 it acknowledges in a similar way the above two dances resp. In brackets. Many thanks

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