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Two Scottish Country Dances (Publication)
Wanda van taanom –
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Murrough Landon

We have this leaflet - six pages . Which according to the front page is published by the Newcastle and District Branch of the RSCDS Copyright 1967 by the Newcastle branch of the RSCDS

Order the the dances 1 hogmanay jig 2. Drumelzier No dates for the devising of each of the dances or each of the music tunes

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Other info for this publication: sorry I could have added more info. there are also 2 tunes in this publication.

the 6 pages are unnumbered. p1 = frontcover -see above mesage. That page also says: Music composed and arranged by Andrew Rankine Dances devised by Christopher Blair. Price 2/6, postage etc 6d extra p.2: the dance description for Hogmanay Jig p.3 music score Hogmanay Jig by andrew Rankine p.4 ,, ,, Drumelzier by Andrew Rankine p.5 dance desription Drumelzier p.8 the publisher Newcastle and distri branch o the r..s..c...d...s.. plus the name and address of the (then) hon, secratry from whom further copies of this leaflet can be obtained.

please add the tunes to the tab of this publication (the connections tune and dance are already made?)

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