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Issue 2582: possible publ.date and contents

Strathearn Collection (Publication)
Wanda van Taanom (taanom_421)
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Murrough Landon
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Hans and I have a (photo?)copy of the Strathearn Collection 4 pages A5: front page with “The Strathearn Collection of Scottish Country Dances, an illustration, and further “Dance 3. The Abernethy Jig. Dance 4. The Dunbarney Reel. Devised by George Will”. p.2 The description for The Abernethy Jig with at the bottom the suggested music (already in SCDDB) Jim Andersonn’s Delight. Traditional (not Ronald Cooper,as in DB, WvT) and Devised by George Will Vancouver 1987. P.3 the description for The Dunbarney Reel with suggested music Ian Duncan’s Reel by Ronald Cooper (as in DB) and Devised by George Will Vancouver 1987.
p4. blanc Publication date may be suspected to be 1987 (or shortly after)?

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Thanks. As its not entirely certain I just put the probable publication date in the extra info.

For the tunes, sometimes authors put “Traditional” for the composer if they do not know and cannot find out (its easier these days). Web searches show Ronnie Cooper. Though I see SCDDB also has a tune of the same name by Tommy Ford.

I was not clear about the order of the dances. You say Abernethy Jig and Dunbarney Reel are mentioned on the front page. But then on pages 2 & 3. No mention of Bonnie Ina Campbell and Donsbank House which are also mentioned as part of that publication (we have scans of all four dances). For the moment I left them unnumbered.