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Issue 2586: links to cribs provided by devisor himself on SCDancing Dictionary

Ruary Laidlaw (Person)
Wanda van Taanom (taanom_421)
Assigned to
Viktor Lehmann

This devisor never did make dance descriptions available via his own website, but I see that he has provided cribs written by himself to the SCDancing dictionary. I think I earlier saw sometime somewhere (?) in the DB another link to this website… so there seems not to be a principle against this? That websites for Laidlaw provides also (when available) notes on dances and dance information and videos (plus the minicrib and (keith rose) diagrams) for - I did not check them all - 36 dances (against 40 in DB, all or most without a link). did not compare the video tab/links.

It might be the same for other devisors. I saw at least 1 Mary Brandon own written crib.

Previous Actions

  • Date  Aug. 3, 2021, 4:30 p.m.
  • User  Wanda van Taanom (taanom_421)

New issue submitted

  • Date  Dec. 22, 2022, 7:38 p.m.
  • User  Viktor Lehmann (tone2tone)

Assigned changed to »tone2tone« (previously »None«)
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Hey Wanda, no, there is no principle for or against this. There is no legal restriction in providing links to open website content of others. I have added the links to the Ruary Laidlaw dances as online sources. We just cannot actively browse and compare other websites to harvest data or links as online sources.
We can link to tunes if there are no other primary online sources available, but we cannot link to videos. Videos can only be featured on our website directly if they are submitted to our system and evaluated by one of our editors.