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Issue 418: Auld Friends Meet (Publication). Contents corrections

Auld Friends Meet (Publication)
Adrian Conrad
Assigned to
Malcolm Brown
Being handled

Hi, based on my own copy of the Roy Goldring publication Auld Friends Meet:

  1. Your current dance list for this publication has two mistakes: a) the dance on p. 78 is The Judge’s Jig, not …Wig b) the dance on p. 66 is Hands Across the Water, J32, 3/4L. This is currently not listed at all in your database. In its place the dance title and link have been incorrectly entered for the Joseph Killeen dance Hands Across the Border.

  2. The Roy Goldring person entry links to a publication list which omits Auld Friends Meet but includes six precursor leaflets, all “adopted” by Mr. Malcolm Brown. These leaflets account for 14 of the 59 dances in Auld Friends Meet and their relevant dance entries link appropriately to them. Apart from the currently unlisted Hands Across the Water, 35 other dances from Auld Friends Meet link to it, and its other 9 dances link variously to independent (non-Goldring) publications where they also appear.

Since the older leaflets are no longer in print but Auld Friends Meet is, it would be nice if there were some way to link the six older publications to the entry for Auld Friends Meet (an “Extra info” tag could do it, but you don’t seem to have one for publications). Likewise for at least the 9 dances that currently link to non-Goldring collections (I can provide a list of these dances if it helps.)

I’d be prepared to help with adopting Auld Friends Meet but obviously it would take some time to get on top of the dances Mr.Brown is not covering.

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To help you along, I have changed “Wig” to “Jig”, and have added the dance “Hands Across the Water, J32, 3/4L” and put that in the place of the Joseph Killeen dance “Hands Across the Border”.

Malcolm, can you and Adrian take care of the other issues together?


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Eric, please don’t do this (just yet anyway). I’m looking into ways of making the actual issue object names searchable, and once that works we will be saddled with overlong subjects.