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Issue 655: "Red Wine and Straight Lines": which variant for bars 1 - 4 ?

Red Wine and Straight Lines (Dance)
Eric Ferguson (EricFerguson)
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Eric Ferguson

We have two videos for this dance, one made in Rechberg, one in Kuckucksnest.

For bars 1 - 4, in Rechberg, “1c+3c set and petronella to midline”. This video was the source for my crib

In Kuckucksnest “1c+3c Petronella to midline and set to partner”.

What do the original instructions say? I am astonished; in both places the teachers usually follow the descriptions accurately. Did the deviser perhaps make two variants?


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This has now been solved. The original version, taught in Rechberg, started with 1c +3c “set, petronella”. The deviser later changed this to “petronella turn and set”, and this was taught in Kuckucksnest. Fixed. Eric