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Issue 711: Keith Rose diagram for The Kilt Maker

The Kilt Maker (Dance)
Robert Miller
Assigned to
Keith Rose

The diagram for bars 8-16 shows 1st man moving to 2nd position while 2nd man moves to 1st position; similarly, 1st woman interchanges with 2nd woman. This much looks correct to me. However, in bars 17-24, the diagram seems to show 3rd man moving to 1st (!) position (and 3rd woman moving to 1st position), unless the indications of 1 indicate “moving to the position that 1st man (woman) had been occupying”. 1st man and 1st woman were in position 2, so I think the diagram should show 3->2 for 3rd couple. Similarly, in bars 25-32, the diagram shows 4th couple apparently going to 1st position, and I think that should show 4th couple moving to 3rd position. Another interpretation of the diagram might be that the indication of 1 means move (up) by 1 position, but then the indications for the moves by 1st couple would not be showing the 3 and 4, respectively in these last two intervals of the dance.

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These numbers are indicating that a member of that particular couple is in that position at the start of that phrase. The meanwhile brackets are used to separate the actions of 1M/2L from 1L/M etc and active dancers are shown with circles or squares. Inactive (or active under the other half of the meanwhile bracket) are shown without circles of squares, ie just a number. Positions are not numbered specifically.

In a few complicated dances I have begun to show these inactive dancers in grey where I feel is useful to show specifically where everybody is. Here, there are only 2 couples dancing a fairly simple figure.

I may revise the diagram to show that for 1L/2M the setting is done before the cast.