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Issue 807: "Campsie Glen" is trad

Campsie Glen (Tune)
Lyle Ramshaw
Assigned to
Viktor Lehmann

The tune “Campsie Glen” was published as No. 111 on page 14 of Kerr’s Third Collection of Merry Melodies, sometime before 1890. So it can’t possibly have been composed by Frank Reid, who is alive today.


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Lots of other musicians credit Frank Reid as the composer of that tune on their recordings. There is a slight chance that there are two tunes of the same name. We might be able to double check this authorship if someone ownes the “Welcome to the London High Club” recording with “Bob Gilmour’s Return to Scotland” on it. By chance the booklet states if the tune used there is traditional or by Frank Reid.

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Hi Lyle, “your” traditional Campsie Glen tune is a strathspey, the dance is a jig though. According to other sources, Frank Reid wrote the quick time tune of that name for this dance, so this is a separate tune of the same name. Thanks for your input though!