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Dance List Delaware Valley RSCDS Hogmanay - 1996-1997 14651

Dec. 31, 1996
Andy Peterson
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April 14, 2018, 5:25 p.m.

Ball Booklet Cover

From the dance booklet…
“Hogmanay! The Musical”
December 31, 1996
9:00 PM
General Admission Only
A Hurd & Hurd Production
sponsored by RSCDS Delaware Valley Branch Ltd.

Who’s Who In the Cast And Crew

Elke Baker - Fiddle, may be the tallest blondest woman ever to sing the Bento Box song. A champion fiddler. Elke merges timeless tradition tunes the modern technology and lives at http://wismrc5.waisman.wisc.edu:8080/bakere/homepage.html

Liz Donaldson: began her stage career as a Wide-Mouthed Frong. She makes her home outside Washington, D.C., although her gigs take her around the States and the world, and occasionally to a cabin in a wood, where a little old man by the window stood. Although listed in our credits as a piano, Liz doesn’t resemble one in the slightest.

Dan Emery has piped us awake at camps and weekends for many years he’s still our friend. A purist, Dan has been heard to mutter, during opening credits of a Hollywood Highland flick as the sound of uilenn pipes wafter o’er the moors, “Hey, those weren’t invented yet!” Dan is easy to pick out of the Branch crowd; he’s the guy with the brown hair and a beard, wearing a kilt.

Dan Houghton (oh, the other “Dan the piper”) was dancing with the Delaware Valley Branch before he was born. Able to say “G’Day Mate” with a straight face, he also plays a mean hammered dulcimer.

Will Hurd is known among Scottish country dancers for his innovative attire and uncanny ability to keep his mind on the beat while drumming for belly dancing. He has been conspiring, oops, “collaborating”, with Alfred Hurd for 29 years.

Alfred Hurd, master builder. Scottish country dance teacher, administrator, chorister, stone mason and ferry boat traffic coordinator, has worn more hats than Imelda Marcos has shoes. A generous host, and good counsel (by practice and etymology), we are privileged to have his friendship.