Dance List RSCDS Delaware Valley Branch, Ltd. Spring Ball 1994 14655

March 26, 1994
Andy Peterson
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Jan. 2, 2018, 4:17 a.m.

Ball Chair: Jill Emery Dance Briefings: Geoffrey Selling, Steve Rusche, Kate Nealley, Cecily Selling, Lance Rameshaw Piper: Dan Emery Cheat Sheets: Paulette and Stephan de la Veaux Decorations: Kristen Jester and Melissa Shaner Sound Gods: Terry Harvey and Tom Peterson Wall Program: Paulette de la Veaux Program Booklets: Jennifer Sawin Tea and Brunch: Carleta McCain, Tina Mello, John Thoburn Cleanup Gurus: John Velnois, Fran Poodry, Ed Nealley, Heather Petit, Will Hurd Ticket Chair: Julie Noonan Faithful Exchequer: Rachel Rasmussen

Findhorn: Liz Donaldson, Steve Hickman, Marty Taylor, Malcolm Stephens, Ginny Snowe